Adult Baptism:

If you have never been baptized before and would like to be, you will need to complete the church membership at Redeemer first. Be sure to discuss your desire at your membership interview. This will allow you to be scheduled for baptism on the day you take your membership vows in front of your affiliated congregation.


Infant & Child Baptism:

  • Infants

    To read an overview of Redeemer's position on infant baptism, please click here. Redeemer will baptize infants of church members.

    If you are already a member, you can register your child for baptism at an infant baptisms-only service at your affiliated congregation.

    If you are a new member parent and have not taken your vows yet, please contact for help in scheduling your vows (and baptism if applicable) and your infant's baptism.

  • Older Children

    Redeemer will baptize your older child after he or she has made a made a profession of faith. There is a 4-week Communicants class offered once a year at each congregation. For information about this class, please click here.