Group Counseling - Renewal Groups

What are Renewal Groups?

Renewal Groups combine gospel-centered, biblical truth with some of the best tools from counseling psychology. Each Renewal Group is made up of 6 - 8 people and a professional counselor focusing on a particular area of healing and growth. The counselor guides the group through regular times of sharing, interaction and learning.

Renewal Groups aim to transform the whole person by encouraging growth in knowledge and skills. The ultimate goal is to help participants experience Christ more deeply in their hearts and lives.

Why is group counseling beneficial?

Group counseling is a powerful counseling approach that can be a vital complement to individual counseling and other resources for care. Those who have experienced it affirm these benefits:
  • Greater understanding of one's thinking, emotional and behavioral patterns - Facilitated through insights that come from learning with other people
  • Awareness that one is not alone - Hearing other people’s stories reminds us that our struggles are not as different as we think
  • The opportunity to support and encourage others in their journeys - Experiencing the blessing of giving as well as receiving

Other helpful benefits of a counseling group experience:
  • Learning key concepts and skills related to the area of growth - Participants are required to complete exercises every week, which expands and reinforces what is learned in the group meetings
  • Accountability -- Fostered by the structure and context of each group
  • Trust - Most groups begin and end with the same set of members. This builds trust and deeper relationships
  • Safety and Confidentiality - Established group guidelines are reinforced

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