Beta Groups

We invite you to "beta test" community life by joining a Beta Group! Beta Groups are 7-week Community Groups that start the week of September 29 and are designed especially for those who are new to our church, new to Community Groups, or are interested in exploring Christianity. Beta Groups feature:

  • New members: There is no need to be nervous about your first meeting! Everyone will be new to the group!
  • Community life: It is easy to feel lost in a bustling city and disconnected in a large church. As a member of a Beta Group, you will be part of a smaller community allowing you to build friendships with a group of people who know and care about each other.
  • Faith exploration: Have you ever had questions about the Christian faith or wondered about its relevance? In specialized Beta Groups called Seeker Groups, you can process these questions with like-minded people and learn how the claims of Christianity relate to everyday living.


Registration for Beta Groups will begin again next fall. 

For more information, contact