Choosing a Group

What is the difference between a Beta Group and a Community Group?
Community Groups (CGs) are ongoing groups that tend to have a more established core membership but still welcomes newcomers year-round. Beta Groups are new, short-term CGs that ask their members to make a 7 week commitment and most, if not all, members will be new to each other. Both Betas and CGs engage with the same study curriculum. This year’s Beta Groups will begin meeting the week of September 29.
What are Seeker Groups?
Seeker Groups are geared toward people who are in process with the Christian faith. They provide a forum for people to openly and respectfully discuss foundational topics about Christianity and explore deep questions such as "Isn't the Bible a myth?" and "Why does God allow suffering?"
There are so many group choices. How should I go about deciding on one?
Start by choosing your congregation. At the top of the map can filter by location, time, and type of group. Regular group attendance is important and beneficial for community so try to find a group that is convenient for you. If you need further guidance, feel free to contact
Can I visit a few different groups before deciding on one?
Yes, we understand that you may want to visit more than one group before deciding on the best one for you. We do recommend that you visit a group more than once before making a decision. 
Can I be a regular group member of more than one group at a time?
Yes, you are welcome to be member of more than one group, but we have found that with the typical New Yorker’s schedule, it is often difficult to participate fully in the life of more than one community group at a time.
How can I find a group with people in the same work field as me?
We do not have Community Groups for specific work fields. If you would like to meet people in your industry, consider participating in Center for Faith and Work’s City Rhythms. If you are a musician, please contact
How can I start my own group?
If you are already a member of a CG, talk to your group leader about your interest in co-leading your group or in starting a new group!  If you are interested in starting a new group, please email All CG leaders are required to attend New Leader Basics before leading.
If I haven’t heard back from a group that I contacted, what should I do?
Please contact While our leaders do their best to contact you in a timely manner, things happen! If you have not heard back after a week, we will be happy to help contact the leader for you.
Am I allowed to join a group that is affiliated with a different congregation than mine?
While you are free to join any community group that is convenient for you, we highly recommend joining a CG that is affiliated with your congregation. Instead of seeing the members of your group just once a week at CG, you will see them again at church, making a large church feel smaller.

What does the “Affiliate Church” congregation mean?
This will filter for groups that are not sponsored by Redeemer Presbyterian Church. They are led and hosted by members associated with one of our Affiliate churches, and they welcome Redeemerites in their area to attend.