Prayer Requests

  1. Ask that our understanding of the gospel will be fleshed out in our practices.

    Boldness: Do we have the authority and expectancy that comes from that? Do we believe Him only for what we have the human ability to accomplish? Do we expect, seek, and find 'spiritual reality' in worship and prayer? Are we as desperate in prayer and as creative and risk-taking as we were in the beginning? Do we dare to raise our families in the city?

    Humility: Are we welcoming and extremely approachable for anyone? Are we quick to admit wrong and forgive? Are we too concerned with our own dignity and whether our opinions are respected? Are we quick to give up our 'rights'?

  2. Ask that our love of the city will be fleshed out in the way we live.

    Do our people love the city? Are a growing number of people committed to stay here long term? Are we really engaging with all the people of the city? Do we avoid the extremes of pitying (feeling superior) to the city and fleeing (feeling afraid) of the city? Do we understand the city–do we know what's happening?

  3. Pray for our community.

    Are people being cared for by one another? Are we drawing most of our people into good small groups? Are our people growing in holiness? Are we developing a counter-culture that exhibits an alternative to the world's use of sex, money, power?

  4. Pray for our outward face - evangelism.

    Do we see changed lives across a range of people-types (corporate, creative, liberal, conservative, different races)? Are we the kind of church that can include non-Christians in our meetings and ranks without confusing or offending them?

  5. Pray for our efforts at cultural renewal.

    Does Redeemer equip believers to function in public arenas in a distinctively Christian manner, or does the world shape our people?

  6. Pray for our compassion and justice.

    Do we balance our emphasis and rhetoric and money and spiritual gifts well between both word and deed ministry? Do our people care for the poor? Are we sacrificial in our giving of ourselves and resources to communities of need? Are we wise and smart in giving to communities of need?

  7. Pray for our stewardship and administration.

    Is the giving healthy? Are we being good stewards of the gifts of our staff? Are we being good stewards of our money? Is our church organization running smoothly? Is the vision being cast well? Does each staff department connect to the vision? Is there good unity and morale among leaders?

"Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper." Jeremiah 29:7