Psychiatry and Medical Management

Dr. Leonie Johnson-Sena MD is a consulting psychiatrist with Redeemer Counseling Services. She provides on-site psychiatry and medical management. Dr. Johnson-Sena received her medical degree at Cornell University Medical College in New York City. She has extensive experience as a staff psychiatrist and as the Medical Director of the Union Settlement Association in East Harlem, NY. She has been in private practice for 7 years in New Jersey and has been seeing clients at Redeemer Counseling Services since 2004. Dr. Johnson-Sena and our counseling team work in close collaboration to provide the best care possible for our clients. She attends Vroom Street Evangelical Free Church in New Jersey.

Dr. Doonam Kim MD is a board certified psychiatrist and Clinical Assistant Professor at the NYU School of Medicine. He enjoys partnering with the Redeemer Counseling Services with his nearby practice to provide the best possible care for our clients. He works to help patients understand how their psychology and psychiatry can blend to achieve better psychological and emotional balance. Dr. Kim attends the Downtown Service of the Redeemer Presbyterian Church.

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