Finding Care - I Do Not Attend Redeemer

Practical Needs

See the Classifieds for housing, employment, items for sale and miscellaneous ads.

Non-Emergency Pastoral Care

Theological questions, personal problems, or prayer

If you live in the New York City/Metro Area and have a theological question, personal problem or desire prayer, we encourage you to consider one of the following options:

  1. On Sundays, come forward after the worship service to speak or pray with the worship leader (who is usually a Pastor), a deacon/ess or an elder (first Sunday of the month only).
  2. Attend a community group for prayer and where theological questions can be worked out in community. If you are a member of a group already, please contact your community group leader or director To join a community group, you can search for an open group online or email Susana Gough at
  3. Attend the Introduction to Redeemer membership class. This is a great place to ask theological questions.
  4. Consider calling Redeemer Counseling Services at 212-370-0475 to speak to a counselor about a personal problem.

If you are from out of town and you have a theological question, please contact the Presbyterian Church in America Administrative Committee at 678-825-1000, email: or website: to ask your question or to look up a local PCA church in your area to call for assistance.


For an appointment with a counselor at the Redeemer Counseling Center call 212-370-0475 ext 1365.