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Community Groups

Community Groups are the primary place where you are known and cared for at Redeemer. It is within these small communities that men and women can build personal relationships and practice applying the gospel to their lives. Each group expects to experience Jesus Christ in its midst, enabling participants to be transformed through mutual ministry and to experience life in the family of God.

Composed of six to twelve people, groups meet in homes and offices throughout the city. All groups are led by trained lay-leaders from the congregation who receive continued oversight and support from our pastoral staff. Groups generally meet two to four times a month for worship, bible study, fellowship and prayer. Many groups also participate in monthly service projects or social events, in place of a regular meeting.

These groups provide sanctuary from the pressures and anxieties of life in the city and facilitate the formation of new friendships. Community groups are places where we can be revitalized and strengthened as we seek to reflect the love of Jesus Christ to our fellow New Yorkers. As God made us for community, we need others to help us apply the gospel to our lives. Our hope is that everyone who attends our church will be involved in a Community Group.

You are welcome to any one of our many groups at any time of the year. Sign up here.

Men of Redeemer

Men of Redeemer is dedicated to fostering friendship, spiritual leadership, and growth in the Gospel for men through gatherings and groups, classes, and mission events. To receive updates on events for men at Redeemer, please sign up here.