About Us
The Redeemer/City to City Short Term Missions Team is a volunteer committee with an international vision. We coordinate trips to global cities to work alongside church plants and missionaries, in whatever capacity is most needed. These trips can include medical help, job training, leading faith & work conferences, working with children, teaching business and finance skills, sports activities, and praying for and supporting field missionaries.

Our Approach
Our vision for missions comes directly out of Redeemer's vision as a church. We hope to ignite a movement of the Gospel, which impacts not just individual lives but the entire culture, in major cities throughout the world.

A movement cannot be accomplished by just one church. Planting churches is the best way to create new believers, expand works of justice and mercy, and create growing, cutting-edge ministries that are strategic and culturally relevant to post-modern city-dwellers. When Paul began to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles, he went directly to the cities—the centers of commerce, arts and ideas in the Roman Empire. We are looking for opportunities to do ministry and church-planting in global cities as well.

Jesus said, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few." We hope to use Short Term Missions to mobilize and energize new generations of World Christians for the task—to be prayers, senders and goers.

Core Values
It is the hope of Redeemer/City to City Missions that Redeemer congregations will be involved in the spreading of God's word on a mission field—either by experiencing a trip first hand or through prayer and financial support of those who go out.

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