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West Side Classes

Next Session begins March 16, 2014!

West Side Classes are an important resource for spiritual growth at Redeemer. While we believe that life lived in the joys and challenges of robust Christian community is the primary place of spiritual formation, learning in a classroom setting remains an important part of our formation. West Side Classes represents the beginnings of a fuller approach to adult Christian education at Redeemer, offering classes that are foundational for the Christian life. So whether you are exploring Christianity or a Christian seeking to grow in your faith, West Side Classes will lead you to a richer understanding of Jesus Christ.

Core classes will be offered on Sundays from 1:15PM to 2:30PM on the 4th floor of the W83 Ministry Center. They vary in number of sessions and skip some Sundays due to holiday week-ends. Elective classes may be offered at other times. Full details listed on Class schedule page.

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