Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose the group workshop follow-up or individual session follow-up in order to receive and process my assessment results?
Both follow-up formats are designed primarily to help you verify your results, and to clarify what your reports are (and are not) saying. The individual follow-up sessions will offer you more individualized guidance than you would receive in a workshop. Also, you have the ability to right away begin a personalized track of career counseling (for those who wish additional counseling on issues related to one's career).

The workshop, on the other hand, offers a context of support and fellowship with others in various transitions of their career. Participants are often encouraged and challenged to hear the questions and insights from other people in the group. The workshop is an efficient way to receive your results and go through a general verification process in one sitting.

What are psychometric assessments?
Psychometric assessments are professional instruments used for the measurement of personality, skills, attitudes and knowledge and often involve questionnaires or inventories.

Why pay for psychometric assessments when there are similar-looking tests available online?
The instruments we use are not the same ones you find online. We use official instruments that have been researched and used for decades, are based on extensive user databases, and have proven reliability and validity standards. One example is the myriad of "Myers-Briggs" versions found online. The items are not the same as the genuine MBTI, which is only available through CPP (the publisher of the MBTI) and the only one endorsed by the Myers and Briggs Foundation.

Please note that the regular fee for a counseling session at RCS is $160, and so our individual sessions package of $160 is highly discounted, for it includes both assessments and two counseling sessions.

Is there financial assistance available?
Yes, financial assistance is available. Please contact the Career Services Coordinator at or (212)370-0475, x1365 for more information on how to apply for financial assistance.

What is career counseling/coaching and what does it involve?
Career counseling/coaching is a process of understanding yourself and your particular career development issues. The nature and duration of the process will vary per individual. For some, simply taking one set of psychometric assessments and a follow-up workshop is enough. Others choose to extend the process to include several sessions of individual career counseling, in order to discuss both career-related issues and other personal concerns.

Will career counseling and psychometric assessments tell me what careers and specific jobs I should pursue?
The goal of both career counseling and psychometric assessments is not to give you "the answer" about which job or career you should pursue, but to equip you with tools of self-understanding so that you can make informed decisions regarding your career.

When will I receive the results of my assessments?
You will only receive the results of your assessments on the day of either the group workshop or the individual counseling session. These are professional inventories and the results require the administration and orientation of a certified assessment counselor. We are bound by a code of ethics that does not permit us to simply email the results without an appropriate feedback and administration.

If I already know my MBTI verified type, is there a discounted fee if I do not take the MBTI online (and only take the Strong Interest Inventory)?
No, all our fees are offered already at reduced costs as a package.