Other Resources

Redeemer has a number of ministries and resources that may be of help to you during a period of unemployment, or as you look for a new job. 

Center for Faith and Work: Networking Within Your Industry

CFW has 11 different vocation groups that meet at least monthly and are excellent places to meet people who are working in your current or intended field. There are opportunities to lead groups and meet dozens of new people as you serve. Information about the many CFW programs is available at www.faithandwork.org

CFW Arts Ministry’s Professional Development Workshops

Artists from all industries are encouraged to attend the Arts Ministry's Professional Development Workshops. Topics range from casting a vision for your arts career to managing your money to marketing yourself. Visit www.faithandwork.org/artscareer for info and to sign up for email announcements. 

Diaconate Help

The Diaconate, Redeemer’s mercy ministry assists church members and regular attendees with practical needs, while supporting them spiritually. Depending on the circumstances, the Diaconate may provide emotional, physical and/or financial support. Please call the Diaconate Helpline 212-726-1334 with your need and the deacon/deaconess on call will get back to you. For more info, visit www.redeemer.com/care/diaconate

Job Search Skills Enhancement

Join Redeemer Diaconate’s Job Search Support Group and sharpen your skills at creating your story, interviewing, resume writing and networking in a supportive group environment. Groups meet weekly for 5 weeks. For more information and registration call 212 808-4460 x1409 or go to www.redeemer.com/diaconate/jobsearchsupportgroup

Financial Counseling 

Redeemer Counseling Services’s Financial Counseling Ministry offers one-on-one counseling and a step-by-step process that looks at Biblical financial principles to help you move out of debt and into financial freedom. For more information, contact missy@redeemer.com or call 212 370-0475 x1367.

Generosity & Stewardship Ministry Seminars

The Redeemer Generosity & Stewardship Ministry offers two workshops on budgeting and debt-reduction. For more info and to register, go to www.redeemer.com/learn/classes:

  1. Budgeting From a Biblical Perspective – a Saturday workshop that explores Biblical principles of money management.
  2. Debt Reduction Workshop – an evening workshop that provides you with a long term plan for getting out and staying out of debt.

Fellowship Groups

We were created to find and refine our callings in the context of community. Join a Fellowship Group to find prayer and support during your job search. For more info: http://www.redeemer.com/connect/fellowship_groups/