Are you called to Redeemer's Prayer Team?
A Ministry of Intercession

Identifying those with a ministry of prayer: See the description below. If you fit the description, please consider joining our prayer team. Some who fit the description will be people who are already on the front line leading ministries, Bible studies, etc. These people need to be prayed for, not be enlisted into yet one more thing. We are looking for the people who may be hidden, who enjoy behind-the-scenes ministry, who want to partner with those on the front line but don't know how to - or no one has ever asked. We want to equip and encourage them. Intercessor types know others like them. They will draw in more. We don't need to orchestrate how they are to pray - the Spirit will do that - we will just let them know who specifically to pray for and the vision God has given Redeemer. We will pair intercessors with the pastoral staff, ministry departments, church planters, special needs...not for a relationship (or contact even) but for committed, intentional daily prayer for those on the firing line.

Earmarks of one called to a ministry of intercession may include:

  • Finding enjoyment in prayer.
  • Content to be in "behind-the-scenes" ministry. 
  • A desire to grow in prayer and to learn more about prayer.
  • Expecting that God will hear his/her prayer and to answer according to His wisdom.
  • Seeing answers to prayer daily, or at least regularly.
  • Receiving regular insight and scripture that informs their praying.
  • Tenaciously keeping personal confidences.
  • Placing pastors and/or ministries as a high priority in their total prayer life.
  • Being sought after by others for prayer or have received a gifting in prayer.
  • Enjoying intimacy with the Lord in their daily walk with Him.
  • Having a compassion/mercy gifting.
  • Feeling comfortable praying alone, with others, in different environments, at various times of the day.


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