Recommended Resources

There are a number of topics represented in each category. Click one of the topics below to see a list of recommended resources. Clicking on a book icon will take you to where you can read more about it and purchase it if desired.

Exploring Christianity

Reason for the Hope Within
Michael J. Murray

Basics of Christianity

Growing in Christ
J.I. Packer

Spiritual Growth - General

The Christian Life
Sinclair B. Ferguson
The Religious Affections
Jonathan Edwards
True Spirituality
Francis Schaeffer

Prayer and Worship

Worship by the Book
D.A. Carson, Tim Keller et al

Growing by Grace


Discernment and Decision-Making

Bible Study - General References

An Introduction to the Old Testament
Raymond D. Dillard, Tremper Longman
An Introduction to the New Testament
D.A. Carson, Douglas Moo, Leon Morris

Theology - General References

Systematic Theology
Louis Berkhof

Theology - Specific Topics



Doctrine of God

Knowing God
J.I. Packer


Who Was Jesus?
N.T. Wright
Who is This Jesus?
Michael Green

Holy Spirit


Created in God's Image
Anthony A. Hoekema



Chosen by God
R.C. Sproul


Lectures on Calvinism
Abraham Kuyper

Covenant Theology

Christ Of The Covenants
O. Palmer Robertson



Spiritual Gifts


Last Things

The Bible and the Future
Anthony Hoekema

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