May 2011

About 30 construction workers gathered on the roof of the W83 construction site during their morning break on April 14. The gathering was a short service of remembrance of Brett McEnroe and Roy Powell, the two ironworkers who lost their lives on February 8 while working at the site. Brian Stanton and Rev. Scott Crosby led the service. “We were grateful to have an opportunity to honor Brett and Roy in this way and it was especially meaningful that so many of their fellow construction workers attended the service,” Brian said after the service.
Construction restarted at the site on March 28 after a seven-week delay. Even with the delay, the projected completion date remains January 1, 2012. Approximately 50% of the construction is completed. Interior construction on the third and fourth floor classrooms and the fifth floor fellowship hall has begun, and the sanctuary balcony construction should begin in the next month. Please continue to pray for the safe and successful completion project so that Redeemer can engage with our community and neighbors on the UWS. Visit the RENEW website for more information: www.renew.redeemer.com

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