Officer Nomination Update

February 2012

As Redeemer members you have the privilege and important responsibility to nominate and elect your fellow members to serve on the Session and the Diaconate. This past November the Session and Diaconate accepted nominations for the roles of elder, deacon and deaconess. Thank you for sending in your nominations! The following members have been nominated and have begun the process of training and evaluation.
Downtown Congregation Nominees
Lindsay Koch (Deaconess)
Adam Thiesen (Deacon)
Webb Younce (Elder)
East Side Congregation Nominees
Linda Brooke (Deaconess) 
Abby Coutant (Deaconess)
Aeyoung Yoo (Deaconess)
Eric Yoon (Elder) 
West Side Congregation Nominees
Max Anderson (Elder)
Christian Becker (Elder)
Kevin Feltes (Deacon)
Julie Ford (Deaconess)
Robert Highsmith (Deacon)
Christine Kim (Deaconess)
Suzy Knapp (Deaconess)
Tim Knapp (Elder)
Chris Knott-Craig (Deacon)
Lisa Ortiz (Deaconess)
Monica Philippo (Deaconess)
Joe Ricci (Elder)
Mary Jane Sobel (Deaconess)
James Vanreusel (Deacon)
Please pray for these nominees as they go through training in theology and ministry skills and prepare for their interviews. They will be evaluated on their character, Christian life and experience, theological understanding, and giftedness and readiness to serve the church as an elder or deacon/ess. Our current elders will then determine which individuals will be presented for election at the May congregational meeting. If you have questions about the nomination, evaluation and training process, please contact Jenny Chang at (917) 206-1407 or

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