April is Arts Month!

April 2008

For the month of April, Redeemer is presenting a variety of programs for arts lovers—or would-be arts lovers. Many of the most influential arts institutions in the world are right here in our neighborhoods—and we’ll be visiting them! 
Some of the highlights of the month include:
A performance at the Metropolitan Opera 
Classes on “Christianity Through the Arts” and “When Faith Meets Film”
The opening of a new art exhibition, “Visual Prayer,” at the Redeemer offices 
A lecture/demonstration featuring Redeemer’s jazz musicians and singer/songwriters 
A new monthly book group, discussing “The Best in New Fiction”
For information about all events and to sign up, visit www.faithandwork.org/april.
The events are designed to help us think through how our faith and worldview affect the way we see and experience works of art, and to introduce us to the wide variety of arts offerings available here in New York City. Redeemer artists will lead or be featured in the events, so this is also a great way to learn more about the artists within our community, their work, and how to encourage and support them. 
“April is Arts Month!” is co-sponsored by the department of Worship & Music, and the Greenhouse, a program of the Center for Faith & Work/Arts Ministries. 
Because of Redeemer’s desire to be a renewing force in the culture around us, we are keenly interested in art and the artists creating it (both within the church and without). A portion of the 2005 Vision Campaign was designated to deepen this cultural renewal work, which established the Greenhouse, a program to cultivate new works of art from a Christian worldview and to build an audience for them. 
Through “April is Arts Month!” we will also learn more about the kinds of arts programs that you, the congregation, are interested in, so show us by signing up! If you can’t attend the event(s) you’re most interested in, email us at arts@redemer.com and tell us more about the kinds of events you’d like to see the Greenhouse host in the future. 
For more information about the Greenhouse, and to join its eNewsletter, visit www.faithandwork.org/greenhouse

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