HFNY’s Youngest Young Supporter

April 2012

Adam Kramer, the 11-year old son of Upper West Siders Dan and Margaret Kramer and big brother to Eli and Daniel, is most likely one of Hope for New York’s youngest donors.
Earlier this year, after hearing a Hope for New York testimony during a Redeemer service and watching a news story about homeless kids in Florida, Adam decided to empty his wallet and give half his money to Hope for New York and half to a Florida-based organization that serves the homeless. His brother Eli followed suit and donated his money to Hope for New York as well.
Adam’s mom Margaret said Adam told her that “whatever I was going to buy with that money was so much less significant” than using it to serve those in need.
That wasn’t the first time Adam had been moved to give generously. After seeing the TV coverage of both the earthquake in Haiti and the tsunami in Japan, Adam gave all of his money to support relief efforts.
“He has always been drawn to stories of need,” said Adam’s dad Dan Kramer, adding that the sixth-grader’s generosity “is a very big deal for someone who was saving for a bike after his was stolen in Riverside Park.” 
Adam has also been using his gifts and talents to serve others. With the tool kit he received for Christmas, Adam worked for weeks to create a wooden plaque with the Hope for New York logo to auction off at the Youth Group’s fundraiser for Uganda in March. 
Hope for New York is so thankful for donors like Adam, who, having been moved by stories of need, sacrifice their money, time, and talents to show Christ’s love to those in our city and beyond.

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