Our counselors can walk with you through a variety of life’s challenges. Our goal in counseling is to guide you towards emotional and spiritual wholeness. 

You may be unsure of the exact nature of your struggle. You may not know how to name it. Our counselors can help identify the issues you face and recommend a path of healing and recovery. 

We provide a safe place for you to process, and help you navigate through life transitions and particular areas including:
Career Change or Job Loss Marriage Infertility
Separation and Divorce Parenting Caring for Ailing Parents
Relationships Grief and Loss Depression
Anxiety and Panic Body Image Eating Disorders
Substance Abuse Sexual Addiction Sexual Identity
Co-Dependency Spiritual Issues Trauma and Abuse
Pornography Struggles Chronic Illness/Pain Anger Management
Life Direction Identity Issues Loneliness

These are only a sample of the many challenges our counselors are trained to support and guide you through.