A Redeemer iPhone App? Yep!

March 2011
by Cregan Cooke

If you were attending Redeemer in 2001, then you’ll know just how far we’ve come technologically in the last decade. And as we move toward becoming four congregations we have begun working on some of the most important communication strategies to date. This might be one of them. 
We believe the Redeemer App will help make our worship services, opportunities and resources more accessible to people everywhere. And we are excited to announce that it is now available for download at the Apple App Store (search Redeemer under free apps). 
As people move more towards apps to get relevant information from the internet, we felt it was essential to provide the core aspects of redeemer.com (and affiliate ministries) through an app. Some of the features that will help make connecting with Redeemer more efficient and easier include: worship site times/locations on Google maps, free sermons, theological papers, monthly newsletters, videos and a NYC area affiliate church map. 
As we move forward we plan to update the app as new features are created. We are also planning to release an iPad and Android version later this year, so look for more information on those versions in the coming months. So for those of you who have an iPhone, download the app today and tell your friends.There’s never been an easier way to introduce someone to Redeemer and it’s vision for the city. 

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